Monday, June 27, 2011

Save for a rainy day - Republicans didn't listen to their mothers

"Save for a rainy day" ... didn't you hear that one as a child growing up? While I was growing up, my mother said that all the time. And as I get older, I understand why this old saying is so very true, in just about every aspect of life. Everything, and I mean everything, moves in cycles. Bad times are followed by good. Good times are followed by bad. Tech stocks that are hot now become dogs tomorrow. Buy the dogs of today, and you'll be counting your gains tomorrow. Everything moves in cycles. Stocks, industries, career choices, TV shows, countries, women's fashions. Everything .... MOVES ... IN ... CYCLES.

So, what's the lesson? The lesson is that if everything is going great guns for you financially, don't adjust up your lifestyle to meet your current income level. Don't cut back how hard you work because you're finding that making money is easy. Continue to work hard, tuck some away. Don't buy what's hot. Look around for deals in what's not hot. Save for the harder days ahead. Those are a small sample of valuable lessons that come from "save for a rainy day".

So, why did George W Bush and Senator Richard Burr think it wise to cut taxes so drastically back in the early 2000s, just when things were going pretty darn well for America? We had surpluses. We had low unemployment. We were riding high. And George and Richard, in all their ignorance, didn't learn a damn thing from their mothers. They didn't use our surpluses to "save for a rainy day". They gave our money to the wealthy. They set us up for what we're suffering through today.

George W. Bush, Richard Burr and the Republican Party simply failed us. It's raining like hell out in our economy and we are out of luck. We have no money. Bush, Burr and Republicans are too blame. And it's time for America to wake up and realize that it was Republicans who failed to "save for a rainy day", and we're paying for their ignorance.

North Carolina deserves better than our worthless Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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