Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Senator Richard Burr - A good buddy to our nation's Billionaires

You ever heard of John Paulson? There are billions of reasons to know this man. But the vast majority of Americans have never heard of John.

John Paulson is a hedge fund manager, and best buddies with every Republican politician in Washington DC. Republicans protect John. Republicans, like our good for nothing, POS, worthless US Republican Senator Richard Burr will stop the world from spinning before they'd lift a finger to make John pay his fair share of US Income Taxes.

John Paulson personally made $4 Billion in 2008 by shorting the US Housing market. He made this money off the backs of US Banks that sold him insurance against a housing crash. These banks then had to be saved by the US Taxpayer. So, we paid John that $4 Billion.

Then John Paulson went on to personally make $5 Billion in 2010 by going long gold. Gold went through the roof and made John a ton of money because our nation went into massive debt in an effort to stop the economy from crashing as a result of the housing crises on which John made $4 Billion. John is good at kicking America in the teeth and making tons of money doing it.

How much in income taxes did John pay? 15%. Hell, almost every middle class American paid taxes at a higher federal income tax rate than John Paulson. Far higher. Why is this? Because Republicans insist that hedge fund managers be able to have their income classified as what's called "carried interest". This stupid assed, POS, dumber than dirt income tax break costs Americans Billions and Billions in income tax revenue. And the real rub? It's on income largely made as a result of hedge fund managers like John Paulson picking the pockets of the pensions, IRAs, Roths, Coverdales and other savings of average Americans. John screws America by making money off their savings, then screws us again by paying far lower income taxes than almost every hard working, middle class American, thanks to Republican politicians.

For years now, Democrats have fought tooth and nail to stop this silly income tax break for hedge fund managers. For years now, Republicans have fought tooth and nail to protect the ultra low income tax rates for these thieves. And our worthless, POS, good for nothing Republican Senator Richard Burr is among those who protect the John Paulson's of the world.

North Carolina simply deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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