Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Senator Richard Burr on the finance committee? Now, that's a joke.

I'm just now learning that Senator Richard Burr has been named to the finance committee. Now, that's really a big joke in itself. Have you seen the financial performance of this man's brokerage accounts? Richard Burr is a financial idiot. He's going to make a fool of himself. I can't wait to hear him question "The Ben Bernank" in committee hearings. Our stupid Senator's likely lead off queston ...

"Uhm, what can we do for average Americans to ensure that every American pot has an ATM in it? I mean, really, forget the chicken. Let's put an ATM in every pot. How do we get that done Mr. Bernanke?"

North Carolina deserves better than our idiot Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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