Thursday, June 2, 2011

Senator Richard Burr on Leadership - that's calling the kettle black

North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr, my good for nothing, POS, worthless Senator, did a recent interview with a local ABC station. Senator Burr was critical of President Obama for not "leading".

Let's remind ourselves of the recent Republican "leadership" of our nation:
  1. Republicans took a surplus and turned it into a massive deficit.
  2. Republicans pushed a massive "ownership society" initiative that jacked up the home ownership rates in this country to the point that housing eventually crashed.
  3. Laissez-faire Republicans, like Senator Burr, took all the regulatory referees off the playing field to the point that our home mortgage markets were rife with worthless mortgages, which led to a crash of our banking system and massive taxpayer subsidy.
  4. Republicans turned a blind eye to energy and education costs that wound up ravaging our checkbooks.
  5. Republicans did absolutely nothing about our mess of a health care system.
  6. Republicans pushed 40% of our corn crop into ethanol, which wound up sending food costs through the roof.
  7. Republicans led us into an unfunded series of wars that added $1.5 Trillion to our debt and cost 10s of thousands of Americans their lives.
  8. Republicans gave a blank check to the pharma industry without any desire to negotiate pricing.
  9. Republicans established income tax policy that enables our nation's Billionaires to pay US income tax at rates lower than the vast majority of middle America.
  10. Republicans kiss bankers' asses and prevent any and all efforts to punish anyone for the senseless financial crises that we continue to suffer through.
Senator Burr - don't lecture us about leadership, you sorry SOB. You're worthless. You've accomplished absolutely NOTHING in your 15 years in Washington DC. You're not in any substantial "leadership" positions after 15 years? Just what the hell do you do up there for the people of North Carolina?

North Carolina deserves better than our sorry, POS, good for nothing Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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