Monday, June 27, 2011

The media did in our economy? Hardly. Politicians aren't smart enough to counter the media

There's a very interesting article in The Atlantic Monthly that is worth a read. Daniel Indiviglio is making the case that the media has written such harsh stories about our economic future that it is scaring consumers away from spending, so our economy suffers.

No Daniel. It's not the media's fault. The media just reacts to what's happening in the world. And we're in a world where Republican politicians spend all their damn time slinging mud and blaming everyone but themselves for the "crises on the come". We need smarter politicians. We need politicians who recognize that economics is largely psychology. And when the future seems dark, its the job of our politicians to work some psychological magic and make Americans feel safe and secure about our economic future. That doesn't happen when idiots like Republican Senator Richard spend all their time casting stones.

North Carolina deserves better than our sorry, worthless, POS, Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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