Thursday, June 23, 2011

World leadership - Obama has it, Republicans don't have squat

Have you noticed the recent change in American leadership?

Libya was a problem. America acted in concert with NATO, putting the French out front and in control.

Oil speculators were a problem. America acted in concert with the international community and every major country released oil from reserves to knock speculators off guard.

You think President Obama isn't pulling these strings? You're darn right he is. And when it happens, it happens in concert with the world. I contrast that to Bush Republicans romping around the world like it was their playground and acting in isolation. Republicans managed to piss off our entire world to the point that America was just plain hated. Now, we're working behind the scenes to pull everyone together and allowing and encouraging others to lead when prudent.

I like this. I like being part of a coordinated effort. I like that America can be respected for consulting, coordinating, and acting when there's broader world effort to get something done. I like that Americans won't be singled out as arrogant, go it alone, Republicans cowboys.

I'm a Republican. But I like when our country teams with others to make the world a better place.

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