Thursday, July 14, 2011

The great set-up ?

Being a securities trader with a significant amount of capital on the line in this period of political gyrations over our $14 Trillion debt problems is making an old man out of me.  What hair I have left is almost white.  My nerves are shot.  It's tough to sleep at night.  My appetite is gone.  And I live in this perpetual state of wanting to reach out,  grab a politician by the neck,  and squeeze as hard as possible.  It's simply a gut wrenching time for our entire country.   And I feel it every day as I watch my accounts getting whipped around like never before in my trading career.

Most of my frustration right now is aimed at President Obama.  While Republicans are running around making political theatre and whipsawing our financial markets all over the map,  we hear nothing from our President.  He's getting hammered on the Internet.  He's getting hammered in discussion groups.  He's getting hammered on TV.  Its irritating and makes Americans wonder if he's up to the task.

But,  a glimmer of hope has now arisen.  The White House just came out with a press release indicating that there is agreement over $1.5 Trillion in cuts,  with more being slated to be discussed this afternoon.  But to listen to Republican leaders,  one would have thought these talks dead.  This makes me wonder,  has our President been planning all along to allow this circus to unfold?  Has he given the Republican leaders enough rope to allow those idiot politicians to just hang themselves?  When all looks lost,  and Republicans have made giant fools of themselves in front of the cameras,  then President Obama coolly walks on the stage and puts a credible plan on the table that is so compelling that all of America backs his plan?

Nothing will surprise me with this President.  He's a smart man.  While our Republican leaders love cameras,  love slinging mud,  love spreading fear,  love being the center of attention .... "No Drama Obama" just might make them look the fools that I know them to be.

Hope. President Obama just might deliver on it yet.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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