Monday, July 18, 2011

Ask your Republican Congressman ... HOW ?

As I was working through financial headlines today and reading like a madman in an effort to figure out where our financial markets are headed,  this headline gave me great pause ...

"Republicans Push Budget Balance; No Details on How"

Isn't that THE key issue right now? Think about it. Our nation's budget is something like $3.7 Trillion. We are spending $1.4 Trillion more than we collect in taxes. To listen to Republican politicians, they can only see a path to a balanced budget through spending cuts. But they won't touch defense, which is almost $1 Trillion. So, that leaves $2.7 Trillion from which we'd have to hack out $1.4 Trillion ... 50% cut. Those are the numbers. They don't lie. But Republicans won't tell us HOW they intend to make cuts.

So, HOW is it exactly Mr. Republican politician that you intend to balance our budget? Ask. Ask your Republican politician to just stop shoveling bullshit and tell us HOW they intend to balance our budget.

Watch those Republicans fall silent.

What's it like? It's like the neighborhood dog, who constantly chases automobile tires when cars go up and down the street. Then one day, the dog bites into a tire and doesn't let go. The poor dog gets the crap beat out of him as his body is pounded time and again against the pavement.

The Republican dogs haven't yet caught the tire. I hope they do. I can't wait to see them get the crap beat out of them in the election that follows a Balanced Budget Amendment passing.

Republicans are idiots.  Instead of wasting our time with talk and efforts to push a Balanced Budget Amendment,  they need to work seriously toward a balanced approach (spending cuts and tax increases) to bringing our annual deficits,  as quickly as possible,  down to an area of around 3% of GDP.   That would be the appropriate path to take.

But unfortunately,  our Republican politicians are not RRR - reasonable, rational and responsible.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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