Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Honoring a request from our President

President Obama asked Americans to do their part and deliver a message to our elected representatives on what we want done about this budget issue.  In doing my part,  I repeat a post I made just a few days ago:

Message to Senator Richard Burr and my Republican Party

... YOU SUCK ...

Get off your sorry asses and compromise to get a deal done.   The American people are solidly behind a blend of tax increases and expense cuts.   To allow a small minority of nut jobs on the fringe to stand in the way of compromise is mentally insane.

But then again ... so is: waging unfunded wars; raining unfunded Pharma plans on seniors; opening the window and throwing money out to farmers like it was free;  taking all the mortgage lending adults off the playing field;  pushing stupid people into homes they had no business owning; closing a blind eye to health care, education and energy costs ravaging our checkbooks;  and cutting taxes on the filthy rich while borrowing up the ass.   I guess being insane comes with the territory in being associated with the Republican party?

Can't wait to see those insanely violent protests where average,  middle class Americans come to Washington DC,  drag your sorry asses out of your offices,  and hang your butts in town square.

Make the compromise happen.  Raise taxes on the wealthy.  Cut expenses.  Just fucking get it done.

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