Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Paul Ryan makes me want to throw up

Paul Ryan is on CNBC right now.  That guy lies with ease,  and it makes me simply want to throw up.

Don't worry,  Republicans won't touch the Medicare for the 55+ crowd - Well Paul,  why the hell not?   The 55+ crowd spent our money,  to the tune of $14 Trillion above what we collected.  Why should they be exempt from contributing to the fix?  It's about fairness Paul.  And you and your idiotic,  right wing nut job ideas aren't fair.   Everyone should contribute.  And especially those who have benefited the most from your excessive spending on Capital Hill.   The 55+ crowd got us into this mess.  They need to pay,  right along with the rest of us.

We can't raise taxes on small businesses - That is the biggest pile of crap that comes out of the mouths of Republicans.  To a Republican,  EVERYONE is a small business.  Bill Gates?  Small business.  Warren Buffet?  Small business.   The Forbes 400 richest Americans?  Small business.  Paul,  our god damn billionaires pay net effective federal taxes at rates lower than married nurses,  teachers and fire fighters.   And on top of it all,  the taxpayers cheating the most are,  you guessed it,  small businesses.   You and your idiot Republican politicians can take your protect small business at all cost attitude and stick it where the sun doesn't shine.

Paul,  you're an idiot, as are most of my current Republican party politicians serving in Washington DC today.   Get your head out of your ass and get our budget balanced,  with a rational blend of tax cuts,  AND tax increases on the wealthy.

North Carolina deserves better than any Republican who serves in today's United States Congress.

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