Saturday, July 30, 2011

Republicans fight hard for Peyton Manning

Who cares about the circus going on in Washington DC?  America isn't paying any attention to that mess. America's attention is focused on Peyton Manning's new $90 Million contract.

I'll bet you though that Peyton has his eyes glued to what's going on in Washington.  He's cheering on the Republican Party.

Peyton wants to make sure he remains among the class of the under taxed,  the super wealthy who pay only 18% income taxes on average ... while the rest of us losers,  the vast middle class earning a measly $200 K to $1 M fall in the AMT pit and wind up paying the higher 20 - 24% rates.   Thank god Republicans are working their asses off in Washington DC to protect our nation's $90 Million football players.   Without the low tax rates gifted to the super wealthy,  there would be no jobs in America, according to Republicans.

And in case you haven't heard,  elephants fly too.  John Boehner says so.

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