Monday, July 25, 2011

Senator Richard Burr to pucker up and kiss T Boone's ass

I'm hearing on the business news this evening that our esteemed US Republican Senator Richard Burr is on the verge of puckering up and kissing the ass of T Boone Pickens.   Pickens has a master plan to move America toward natural gas and away from oil.  While this may be good for America in the long run,   it's going to be damn good for T Boone Pickens,  who has vast amounts of his wealth tied up in natural gas investments.  And I imagine it will be good for Senator Burr,  who will get his pockets lined with Picken's wealth.  Make no mistake about what's going on here though.  T Boone cares about T Boone.  T Boone cares about making money.   T Boone could care less about what's good for America.

The Pickens/Burr chances of getting anything through Congress supporting a migration to natural gas?  Next to Zero.  You see,  T Boone Pickens is an idiot.  He underwrote those nasty Swift Boat ads against John Kerry years ago.  You know,  the ads attacking Kerry's service in Vietnam.   With Boone's help,  America elected that 'effing moron George W Bush,  the man who escaped serving his country in Vietnam by bar hopping through Alabama in the National Guard.   T Boone Pickens actions in underwriting those Swift Boat ads were despicable. They will be repaid with a Swift kick in the teeth to Burr and Pickens.  Payback is hell.

Nothing will get done on the natural gas front in our country until T. Boone Pickens dies,  which will be soon enough given his old age,  or the GOP wins the White House, House and a filibuster proof 60 seats in the Senate.  And it will be a cold day in hell when that happens.

Pickens was an idiot for attacking the Democrats in such a unpatriotic manner.  Senator Richard Burr is an idiot for supporting Pickens.   But,  what else is new?  Idiot + Idiot doesn't equal successful attempt at anything.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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