Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Senator, are you REALLY that clueless?

There is a massively important,  national debate raging in our country right now.  We spend $1.5 TRILLION more each year than we collect in taxes.  It's unsustainable.  And the people of North Carolina need to know what our politicians think about this issue.  Raise taxes?  On who?  Cut expenses?  Which ones?  Blended approach?  How do you balance it? Our politicians need to weigh in on this debate,  in very clear terms.

So,  what is Republican Senator Richard Burr spending his time doing in the very midst of this critical debate?  He's wasting our time,  sponsoring "National Child Awareness Month".

Senator Richard Burr - Are you really that clueless?

This is exactly why Americans are so damn pissed off right now.  We are tired of National Green Grass Month,  National Love your Family Day,  National Baseball Hour,  National Take Your Dog for a Walk Minute.   We are fed up with all the bullshit and nonsense that happens in Washington DC.   And you Senator,  have now proven you are a clueless idiot,  totally out of touch.

The only news we want out of your office at this very minute is the following "Senator Richard Burr has released a detailed plan to balance our nation's budget".  We deserve to know EXACTLY where you stand on this issue.  Not in general terms Senator.  Specific.  If you are the typical stubborn Republican and only want to cut expenses,  then exactly what do you propose we cut?

Get it done you clueless moron,  or do the people of North Carolina a favor and resign.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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