Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Doug Kass clearly defines the problem

I'm really stuck by a paragraph in a piece written by Doug Kass:

"My view continues to be that a contagion in confidence is the proximate cause for the recent market weakness and falling valuations. More specifically, my vote for the reason behind that loss in confidence is the increased recognition of the ineptitude and partisanship of our politicians."

Doug is a well respected voice on Wall Street.  He's a hedge fund manager and puts his money on the line on a daily basis.   Doug speaks the truth in common sense terms.  If you don't follow his writings,  you should.

Once again, Doug hits the nail on the head.  I am absolutely flabbergasted by the ineptness of my Republican Senator.   At a time when all of America is sitting on the edge of its chair trying to figure out what is going to happen in the debate over our $14 Trillion debt problem,  my US Senator is working hard at putting together legislation to sponsor some bullshit,  meaningless,  National Day for ... whatever is hot at the moment.

You want to know why there are no jobs?  You want to know why our economy can't move off a dime?   It has nothing to do with the Republican view of too much spending,  too much regulation,  and not enough tax cutting.  It has nothing to do with the Democratic view of a need for more stimulus spending.   The reason Americans won't spend,  invest,  and create jobs right now is that we have zero faith in the idiots like Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Doug is as right as rain in drought stricken North Carolina.   We sent morons to Washington DC.   We have a golfing,  former lawnmower salesman representing us in Washington DC.   This idiot is too busy arranging "National Days" to engage in the more important issues strangling our nation.

We've only ourselves to blame.

North Carolina deserved better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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