Friday, July 22, 2011

I laugh when Boehner gets upset about cutting expenses

Speaker Boehner keeps coming to the podium and getting all upset and shit about a lack of seriousness with cutting expenses in the federal budget.   Every time that happens,  I laugh my ass off.  I can't take the man seriously ... until he writes a $5,000 check and gives it to Tim Geithner.

So,  what's up with this $5,000?  Easy.  Republicans went to war and didn't give a damn what it would cost. They didn't ask any sacrifice from the American people.  They did not raise taxes,  or cut expenses,  to pay for those wars.  They borrowed the money needed to wage war.   In fact,  they were so 'effing stupid as to indicate that Iraq was a country RICH in oil resources,  which would pay for the war.   So,  how'd that work out for us?   Terribly.  We pissed away $1.5 Trillion on Republican Wars.  $5,000 for each and every American citizen.

So,  when that asshole Boehner talks about the need to cut spending,  he needs to write a personal check for the $5,000 he owes America.  Until that happens, I can't listen to him without laughing at Republican stupidity.

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