Friday, July 22, 2011

Why I blog about my worthless Senator

Another brief email hit my inbox recently.   The simple question asked was:  Why do you blog? You are wasting your time,  according to this person.

Hardly.  I want my frustrations heard.   If I was a big company,  I'd spend millions on lobbyists. But I don't have money I want to waste on those efforts.  If I was the normal individual,  I'd write a couple letters or emails and maybe make some phone calls.   And the chances of those efforts falling on any ears of importance would be next to zero.

My efforts are a better use of time,  at near zero cash outlay.  I get results.  How do I know this?  My three favorite network servers from which I get multiple hits daily:

1.  executive office of the president
2.  united states senate
3.  u.s. house of representatives

While those hits might just as easily be coming from the night time janitorial staff on capital hill and the white house,  there is a high probability that my stuff is getting eye time from decision makers,  or those with influence on the decision makers.

So,  it's far from a waste of time.   And as long as the hits keep coming from those servers,  I am going to be expressing my frustrations through this blog.

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