Friday, July 22, 2011

Message to my Republican Party and Senator Richard Burr

... YOU SUCK ...

Get off your sorry asses and compromise to get a deal done.   The American people are solidly behind a blend of tax increases and expense cuts.   To allow a small minority of nut jobs on the fringe to stand in the way of compromise is mentally insane.

But then again ... so is: waging unfunded wars; raining unfunded Pharma plans on seniors; opening the window and throwing money out to farmers like it was free;  taking all the mortgage lending adults off the playing field;  pushing stupid people into homes they had no business owning; closing a blind eye to health care, education and energy costs ravaging our checkbooks;  and cutting taxes on the filthy rich while borrowing up the ass.   I guess being insane comes with the territory in being associated with the Republican party?

Can't wait to see those insanely violent protests where average,  middle class Americans come to Washington DC,  drag your sorry asses out of your offices,  and hang your butts in town square.

Make the compromise happen.  Raise taxes on the wealthy.  Cut expenses.  Just fucking get it done.


  1. This is why nothing gets done. Fools like you that decide they are a "Republican" and go against the parties principle's. How is the party supposed to have a clear direction when morons like you support tax increases? That poll said nothing about American people supporting tax increases, but you just go right along and follow whatever liberal propaganda CBS prints.

    You got what you asked for - compromise. Now we are right on track to double the national debt within 10 years (10x+ annual tax revenue) and right off the cliff to bankruptcy. Hoo-rah, Mr. patriot.

  2. I hope you've taken some time to read some of my other posts on this blog. If you have, you'll discover some facts about our tax structure that make absolutely no sense. Think about these things, tell us how you'd address them:

    1. Over a very long stretch of time, our nation collected 18% of its national income (our GDP) in taxes. Then we spent about 18% of our GDP. 18% in/18% out. We balanced our budgets. Today, over 1/3rd of the 400 wealthiest Americans pay less than 15% federal taxes. If our country has historically collected and spent 18%, how in the living hell can we balance our nation's budget by taxing the wealthiest among us at less than 15%? HOW? It is not possible.

    2. This year, we will collect just over 14% of our GDP in federal taxes. We will spend 24%. The average was 18 in/18 out. Is this not a very simple exercise to get back in balance? Lift the taxes from 14 to 18. Cut the spending from 24 to 18. Balanced. What is so *$&^ing hard about understanding the need to do both? Is sure isn't going to get done if the Tea Party stands there and insists we can only push from one direction, instead of coming from both ends and meeting in the middle.

    3. Back to the issue of how VERY LITTLE the VERY RICH in our nation pay ... 1/3rd of the 400 wealthiest paid less than 15%. The average for those 400 was 18%. A NURSE and FIREFIGHTER married couple living paycheck to paycheck pay 20 - 24%. WHAT IS SO $*&^ing hard about understanding the very necessity of making our income tax structure FAIR? It is NOT fair. And the only way to bring our nation's tax structure back in line is to lift the rates at the top, while allowing the middle class, working Americans to stay where they are now.

    Yes, I AM A PATRIOT. I am tried of our country being screwed by the super wealthy. I am madder than hell that our nation borrows money up the wazoo, while we allow Billionaires to pay far less of their income in percentage terms in taxes than working class Americans.

    How do you restore fairness to our tax structure, balance our budgets, and get our nation on the right path, without increasing taxes? It is not possible.