Monday, July 25, 2011


Senator Schumer is now outlining the Democratic plan to lift the debt ceiling.  That proposal includes the cutting of the 10 year cost of the wars (the next 10,  not the previous) in Iraq and Afghanistan from $1.67 Trillion to $630 Billion.

Holy SHIT.  We planned to spend $1.6 Trillion on Republican wars over the next 10 years?  WTF?

Dick Cheney and George Bush both said it's not like Iraq is lacking in resources.  Their oil will pay for the war.   Right.  Got it.  Those fucking Republican morons robbed our country.  They took food out of the mouths of the poor.  They pissed away money on war rather than educating our young people.  They waged war instead of putting those dollars behind medical research.  They waged war instead of researching new energy sources.   They just 'effing opened up the window and threw our money out.

Watch - now they're going to cut our social security and medicare to pay for their wars.

My Republican party just plain sucks.

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