Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our President is a Woosie

My Republican party destroyed America.  How did they do it?  It didn't take much effort on their part:
  • Decades of income tax cuts that went largely to our nation's filthy rich.  The rich get richer,  while the vast majority of America suffers.  But we don't need to raise taxes on the wealthy,  eh?
  • Year after year of deficit spending - according to Dick Cheney,  "Deficits don't matter".  Right. Pigs fly too.  Now we wake up $14 Trillion in the hole.  Nice job Dick.
  • Pharma and farm plans lavishing money on the old and Republican party rural base.  Let's spend BILLIONs on drugs without negotiating prices,  makes sense,  right?  Let's pour money in farmers' pockets while food costs hit historical highs,  makes sense,  eh?
  • Free trade agreement after free trade agreement that shipped our manufacturing jobs out of America.
  • The waging of unpaid for War after War after War.  $1.5 TRILLION down the drain in Iraq.  Where were those weapons of mass destruction?  
  • Pushing everybody and their mothers into homes they could not afford.  How'd that George Bush "Ownership Society" work out for us?
  • Applying their free-market,  laissez-faire mentality toward sensible regulation, and just plain taking referees off the playing field.  How'd that one work out for us in mortgage lending?
  • Doing absolutely nothing to address those expenses ravishing checkbooks of middle class America:  Energy, Health-care, Education.   Free market principles have helped control expenses in these areas,  eh?
Let's be honest ... Republicans really fucked up America.  Only a person with their head in the sand,  ignorant to budgets and economics would disagree.

So, how do we solve this problem?  I voted for President Obama because I was madder than hell at my Republican Party.  And I am still furious with Republicans.   They deserve to be punished.  The error of their ways need to be pointed out to America.   They deserve to be derided in a constant stream of brutal abuse for ruining America.  I had hoped that President Obama would take up that task.  I had hoped that President Obama would educate America on why and how Republicans were so very wrong.  But its not happening.

Our President is a Woosie.  In the current budget negotiation he comes to the microphone heaping praise on the Republican party,  while Republican leaders have now stepped to the microphone pointing fingers and slinging mud in the direction of our President.  At first,  I respected the President's position.   But now,  he's looking weak.  If he doesn't come out fighting and taking Republicans to task for destroying our country,  then he is a one term President.   The American people will not vote for a Woosie.   And our President is now looking like a class A Woosie.

President Obama either comes out fighting,  starting now, or his days are numbered.   Its now time to kick Republicans in the nuts so hard that they never breathe right again.   It's time Mr. President.  It's time to stop acting like a Woosie.

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