Monday, July 11, 2011

President Obama lies too?

I'm sitting here listening to President Obama's press conference.   Say what you will about President Obama,  but his performance in this press conference is one of the most impressive I've ever witnessed from a President of the United States.   Our President is speaking from the heart,  and in common sense terms.  He is casting no stones and looks to be floating above the fray of every politician currently serving in Washington DC.  My heart goes out to President Obama.   The man genuinely wants to do what's best for our country.

But near the end,  I lost all respect for our President.  He lied.   Our President just said "This recession has been hard on every American".   Really?

The rich grow richer
CEOs see record pay increases
Bonuses on wall street hit a new record
Top 400 pay less income tax than middle class Americans

while ....

Food stamp use hits records
Under-employment nears 20%
Home foreclosures are off the map

It sure doesn't sound to me as if this recession has been hard on ALL Americans.

Our President wants to do right by America.   Republicans want to protect the wealthy, the CEOs, the ruling class,  while throwing middle class America to the wolves.

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