Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Bring in the Clowns, or maybe Larry, Curly and Moe could help?

Its official.  We now have a full blown circus going on in Washington DC.  And the 3 stooges are on stage right,  prepping to perform.

In listening to the speeches the other night,  I was shocked at the divergent approaches taken by the President and The Speaker.  The President made the attempt at an uplifting speech, appealing to our patriotism.  The Speaker was mean spirited,  pointing fingers at the White House and President Obama.  Speaker Boehner main contentions were that the White House never had a plan,  but he does.   And the Speaker indicated that it would not be the President's responsibility any longer,  it was the responsibility of the Congress,  and Republicans would pick up the mantle and take care of this budget ceiling problem.

Talking about egg in the face.  We wake up this morning to find out that the Speaker's plan was not a plan after all.  His "plan" to cut $1.2 Trillion got scored by the Congressional Budget Office as only offering up $850 Million in cuts.  Now,  at this last minute,  he's having to rework his "plan" and find 50% more cuts than he initially proposed.  So much for credibility.  Even worse though,  The Speaker can't find enough votes among his own party to get his "plan" passed.   There are many Republicans who rightfully view the Speaker's Plan as nothing but a minor,  short-term fix,  to a major,  long-term problem.

Meanwhile,  we have less than a week to the deadline.   Speaker Boehner now looks the biggest fool in this entire mess.  Republicans are in a state of chaos.  And I am more comfortable than ever in my efforts to turn my back on my own political party.   It's a party of Clowns,  with Moe, Larry and Curly running around trying to lead the performance.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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