Sunday, July 31, 2011

This much is clear

Obama and the Democrats brought rubber bands and spit balls to this budget fight.   Republicans brought guns, knives and brass knuckles.  The super wealthy won this battle,  on the backs of naive tea party supporting Trailer Park America.  The poor and ignorant fought the battle to keep the ruling class rolling in wealth. The big losers are the vast swath of middle class households earning $200 K - $1 M a year,  caught in the pit of the Alternative Minimum Tax,  and paying total taxes at rates far higher than the super wealthy.

In the long run,  America is the real loser.  While the fight is over for now,  the unrest that will result ensures an even larger battle in the near future.  Put away your rubber bands and spit balls.   Buy guns and ammo.  You'll need them soon to protect your home and family from the social unrest that will result from this latest battle.  Our problems are not solved.   The war goes on.   It will not be over until there is fairness in our tax system.  It will not be over until the super wealthy pay the highest rates,  the middle class the next highest,  and the poor at least pay something.  And the agreement resulting from the latest battle does nothing to get us to fairness in our income tax structure.

Republicans kicked middle class America squarely in the teeth,  yet again.

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