Thursday, July 21, 2011

Why I support President Obama

Among recent emails,  one arrived with but a single line, a question:

Why do you support President Obama?

Easy.  President Obama has been like this giant money tree sitting in my front yard.  My net worth is 60% higher today than it was @ YE 2008 ... 21 days before he took the oath of office.  My wife and I would be even better off had we not been sitting on so much Real Estate.  Our home and rental properties were a counterweight to my stellar equity gains.  Bottom line though,  President Obama put money in our pocket,  lots of money.   When a President makes us money,  I'll go to bat for him 24 x 7.  And I don't care what color his skin,  where he went to school,  or which political party he belongs to.   If our President makes us more wealthy,  he has my support.

Most Americans blame our President for the high unemployment and lousy housing market.  But that's not where the action is these days.  Since he was sworn into office,  the S&P 500 is up 75%.  Remind me again,  what was George Bush's record on that front?  I'll do the reminding. The S & P 500 was down 31.5% over the eight years George was in office.

George W Bush was a loser.  He destroyed our economy and trashed our financial markets. Although I still managed to trade my way though and profit handsomely during his Presidency,  I have no love for that moron.   But with President Obama,  its been effortless.   The money just falls from the sky.  As long as he's pulling all the right financial market levers and I'm making money,  then our President has my undying support.  Period.

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