Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GOP has nothing to offer

One of the most widely followed bloggers in financial circles is a cocky, foul mouthed trader - The Fly. You won't read a funnier blog. And you won't find a blog that gives you more insight into the Securities Trading Community. The Fly speaks his mind.  Caution though, he's not rated "G". His language is the language of the trading room floors - ample amounts of profanity, intermingled with numerous astute observations.

Last night,  The Fly opined about the current state of national GOP politics.  His observations could easily be substituted for mine.  I repeat them in entirety below,  but would point you back to his blog too.  He's worth following if you have any interest in the politician leanings of Wall Street:

"Okay, I am going out on a limb here, at the risk of upsetting my emotional friend, Senator Gint. Aside from Romney, the current roster of republican candidates are UNELECTABLE. More so, if Mitt is NOT nominated, or HERMAN CO-CAINE, I will be voting for Prezident O’bama again.

Ask me why, I fucking dare you.

First of all, Bachmann is an idiot on a wide array of issues. Do I really need to delve into detail, seriously? Rick Perry is a bible toting simpleton, who will endorse BIG fucking oil, as if that shit was oxygen. Plus anyway, didn’t he run Al Gore’s Texas campaign many moons ago? I say NO to RINOS every time. And, let’s not ignore his asinine comments on the beloved BEARDED CLAM. Take issue with me on this, I don’t give a fuck. I will NOT vote for anyone who is hating on the Fed. For the love of half bibles and abandoned churches, the Fed is all we have here on Wall Street. Fuck these politicians.

I would LOVE to say President Co-caine, over and over again. Herman is a mathematician and majored in Physics. He is like Obama, but only smarter and knows shit about life, and business. He wants to eliminate cap gains. Okay, maybe that didn’t hit you right away, so I’ll say it again. He wants to put capital gains taxes at ZERO percent, FOREVER. And, to boot, he wants to lower income tax to 25%, again permanently. Sadly, the media treats him like he is the former owner of a fucking chicken restaurant. 

Santorum wants to arrest women who abort babies conceived by way of rape, as does Bachman. These fuckers don’t recognize that DNA can be transferred from one person to the next, because, well, God makes everyone, right? These fucking religious zealots are insane.

Lastly, there is Mitt. He is our final hope. However, the fucking hillbillies don’t like him because he’s a mormon and likes to keep 4-5 wives around, doing the dishes, baking him banana bread. 

Just like last election, I will vote against the republicans for fielding such a stupid roster. They do not deserve to win. Obama is the worst President since Bush II and he will win thanks to the pathetic state of the GOP.

Out with business minded people, in with the fucking bible teachers.

Fuck off."

The GOP has nothing. Air. Zilch. Nada. Zippo. It's a limp political party that ran our country into the sewer,  and is now making every obstructionist move possible in an effort to pin their incompetence on anyone but themselves.  It's a collection of worthless politicians who accomplish nothing,  like my state's Republican Senator. 

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr. 

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