Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our economy is flooded with idle cash, yet Republicans remain blind

  • $2+ Trillion sitting on company balance sheets
  • $3+ Trillion sitting on deposit at the federal reserve
  • $3+ Trillion cash in money market funds, earning nothing
  • $8+ Trillion cash in banks, earning nothing

We have cash out the wazoo in this country.  Cash here.  Cash there.  Cash everywhere.  There's tons of it,  sitting around doing absolutely NOTHING,  earning absolutely NOTHING.

Common sense says we need to focus on a way to get that cash moving.  And what are our Republican leaders doing?  They sure as hell aren't using common sense.  Their policies are all geared to channeling more cash to people who will then sit on that cash.   Let's let the rich keep it,  so they can stuff it in the bank.  Let's let the rich keep it,  so they can stuff it under a mattress.  Let's let the rich have more cash,  yes,  that's the answer to our problems in an environment where the rich control all that cash ... just sitting there ... doing nothing. NOT.

Sheesh fellows,  get off your idiotic asses and find mechanisms to pry the cash out of the hands of those who will just sit on it.  Get it moving.  Get it circulating.  In the parlance of economists,  get that damn Velocity of Money moving higher.  That doesn't happen by giving even more cash to people who already have so damn much that they sit on what they have.

We have idiots at the helm of our Republican party,  idiots who can't look at a situation and use common sense.

North Carolina deserves better than our worthless Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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