Saturday, August 6, 2011

Republican intellectual dishonesty, er ... outright lies

One of the things that frustrates me the most about our modern day Republican party is how much they just plain lie.  Next time you hear a Republican politician speak about taxes and spending,  listen for the issue they raise about fairness in our tax system.  It's very likely that you will hear the Republican say that its just not fair to tax the wealthy more.  It's not fair because the top 10% of Americans pay over 40% of the federal taxes.  And then they'll tell you that our problem is in entitlement spending (Social Security and Medicare).  Therefore,  we need to just make drastic cuts to entitlement spending and do nothing about raising taxes on the wealthy.

Busted.  LIE.

Why is this a lie?  It's a lie because when they talk about taxes,  they are only talking about federal income taxes,  conveniently leaving out payroll taxes.   Yet,  when they complain about entitlement spending,  they complain about the spending that is directly funded by payroll taxes.   They mix apples and oranges.  They lie and distort facts in order to make it appear that their proposals have merit.

Here's what we need to do to ensure we're hearing the truth.  When any politician talks about taxes and then entitlement spending,  we need to make sure they are quoting facts and statistics that include both income and payroll taxes.  Its just plain distortion of the facts for anyone to talk about just federal taxes,  then turn around and complain about programs largely financed by payroll taxes.

Richard Burr is one of these Republican liars.  He often points to the need to not raise taxes on the wealthy because they pay more than their fair share.  In making this statement,  he presents an argument only about incomes taxes.  But then he'll turn around and talk about the need for drastic cuts to entitlement programs,  without any mention that these programs are funded by payroll taxes.  Enough.  Enough of the lies and distortion of the facts. Richard Burr lies to us when he talks about these issues.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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