Tuesday, August 16, 2011

There is just 1 person I would support on the GOP ticket

This current line-up of GOP candidates for President is simply pathetic:

Perry - Read my lips,  no new Texans.  The man is a Bible thumping moron.  We've had our fill of idiots from Texas.

Palin - Nice smile.  But please, shrubbery has more brain cells than Sarah.

Bachmann - Palin junior.  Honestly,  this woman is in dire need to be consistently and constantly medicated.  Michele has mental issues.

Romney - He'll say and do anything to get elected.  And I will not vote for a man who made his riches buying companies and firing people.

Paul - Nice man.  But his economic ideas border on being insane.  And his constant rants about gold and the dollar are just tiring.

There isn't a serious alternative in the bunch.  They all remind me of North Carolina Republican Senator Richard Burr - terribly incompetent.   However,  there is one Republican out there who I would back:

And I still hold out hope that he'll come to his senses and run.


  1. Ah! You disappoint me.

    Talking about Gov. Christie here... I'm never impressed by and always suspicious of accusatory and bullying personalities. So far in my life, I've never seen anything substantive and of lasting good result from the workings of that particular personality.

    Still liking and learning from your blog.


  2. LOL. I'm really trying hard to find an excuse to come back into the Republican fold Jill. It's tough though. It's like turning your back on your parents and walking away after a little disagreement. You look for any excuse to go back home, apology in hand, and settle back into a happy family.

    Push comes to shove - I'll likely be standing in that booth and checking the box to vote a straight Democratic ticket (vote against my errant Republican party).

    I take it that you are an Obama supporter? You don't have to answer unless you feel compelled.

    I really like President Obama. He's a smart man. And I agree with most of what he's trying to do economically. I wish though that he would move in Gov. Christie's direction and grow a backbone. We're in crises mode in our country. Its not time for the soft glove approach. A little meanness could go a long way in getting his points across and garnering more support from the American people. IMHO.

  3. I voted for Obama but I did so with great reluctance. My plan was to do a write in vote but McCain got crazier and crazier and then he pulled in the grinning bobble-head and... well, what could I do? I voted for Obama but did so with great reluctance. I am sorry to say he has not disappointed me as I expected very little from him. I find him easier to look at and listen to than the Village Idiot - that's a plus. He's gotten his page in the history books and I've always been suspicious that was his only agenda. He was just the least bad of two appallingly bad choices - the "lesser of two weevils" you might say. (Yes, I stole that from Patrick O'Brian.)

    I suppose it's because I'm full of years and something of a bloody-minded old baggage but I would like to see competence and effectiveness coupled with common sense but I fear as a country we are too far gone to even recognize those qualities. (Refer back to the most valuable and well-worn tool in the Republican arsenal because I am feeling its use.)

    Hmmm. I'm a little embarrassed about rambling on but I suppose we can say that I'm more an Obama tolerator than an Obama supporter. ;)


    **Yeah, some backbone and perhaps a practical national agenda would be helpful and welcome!

  4. Sounds to me like we have lots in common. I voted for him too. Also reluctantly. He's a very intelligent man. But, I just expected we would have made significantly more progress by now with him in the White House. I truly sit the fence as to whether I will vote for him again. But thus far, there is no viable alternative. Is there?

    Sure wish President Obama would step aside and give Hillary a shot. I've often been of the opinion that the world would be a better place if it was run by women. Then again, Palin and Bachmann would be terrible choices.

    I sure hope that President Obama comes back from vacation and lays a credible plan on the table that sets us on a path to economic growth.

    Hope - I haven't lost it, yet.