Monday, August 1, 2011

This debt mess is largely the result of bad REPUBLICAN policy

I trade securities for a living.  Time and again,  I find myself in a situation where I am confident in the direction a security will trade,  but it doesn't happen immediately.   Significant time passes before the market sees what I see.  It takes patience to sit and wait for the story to unfold.  But more times than not,  it eventually becomes crystal clear to everyone,  the security reacts,  and I make money.

I feel like this is one of those times.  But its not a security,  its the Republican Party.  I see the current day Republican Party as the root of our country's problem.  But strangely,  there are just so many darn Americans out there who don't see it.  Yet.   If you are one of those people,  I have to ask,  have you really taken the time to look at and understand this article?

Americans are busy people,  at least the ones who are employed.  They don't have the time to get up to speed on our nation's finances.  They don't have the time to really grasp why our nation has financial problems.  They only hear about our $14 Trillion in debt and hear Republicans talk about "Washington's spending problem".   So,  they back Republicans.

Who dropped this mess on our doorsteps?  Republicans did.  It's obvious,  if you'll just take the time to look at and understand the case laid out by Ezra Klein in his Washington Post article.  When President Bush took office in Jan 2001,  our nation had $7.5 T in debt outstanding.  Today,  it's over $14 Trillion.   Of the $6.5 Trillion we've racked up since 2001,  more than $5 Trillion of it is directly attributable to programs and policies emanating from the Republican administration of George W. Bush.  Yet,  the American people largely point fingers at President Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.   Take the time to educate yourself on how we got here.  Make sure you're pointing your finger in the right direction.

More importantly, make sure you're doing the right thing.  Would you support the person who burned your house down?   Would you support the burglar who broke into your safe and stole your money?  Would you support the thief who broke your car window and stole your radio?   Why then do you support the Republican party?

I see the modern day Republican party as the culprit who delivered this economic mess to our doorsteps.  They need to be punished.  They need to be voted out of office.  Most others don't yet see it.  I am confident however that this latest budget battle has just begun to awaken Americans.  Given a little more time for this story to unfold,  they'll come around to understanding that you can't give your house keys to a burglar.

It's time to hold Republicans accountable for screwing up our country.  It's time to throw them out of office.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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