Wednesday, August 10, 2011

You want to know what I'm really thinking right now?

This is what I really think right now as I stare at a trading screen that shows the DOW down 519 points,  after a 635 point loss on Monday,  after a 513 point loss last Thursday,  after a 266 point loss the previous Monday .....


You idiots started a food fight in Congress that wound up costing Americans Trillions in losses in their IRAs, 401Ks, 529s, ROTHs, Coverdales.  People saw that clown act in Washington,  got scared,  and ran for the exits.  What Republicans set in motion was simply an act of terrorism on the American pocketbook.

The Republican party fucked up our economy.  The Republican party refuses to take responsibility.  The Republican party makes every effort possible to blame everyone but themselves.  The Republican party is full of worthless,  good for nothing politicians.

What I really think?

... Republican Politicians all need to rot in hell ...

That's what I really think Senator.  You're to blame.  You've been there for 15 years.  You drove our economy over the cliff.  And now you're spending all your fucking time trying to pin it on anyone but yourself.

I do hope you rot in hell.  I really do.

North Carolina deserves better than our pathetic Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Whew ... I feel a little better now.

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