Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A simple message to our nation's politicians

Dear American Politician:

We are scared.  We don't spend.  We sit on cash.  So, our economy does not grow.

Why?  Because we are frightened of all the negativity coming from our nation's capital.  When you return to Washington DC next week from recess,  please do some very simple things:

Stay away from TV cameras
Refrain from blaming the "other" party
Stop pointing fingers
Offer up solutions
Negotiate beyond the public eye

If you'll adhere to these very simple rules,  you'll find that:

Our confidence will grow
We will buy homes
We will spend again
Employers will hire
Our economic engine will lurch forward
Our entire country will prosper

But,  if you start more childish in-fighting,  we're headed into a deep, dark morass from which we will likely never recover.



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