Monday, August 22, 2011

We ARE Republicans

We are Republicans.

   Cutting taxes on the super-wealthy
   Kicking middle class America in the teeth and pushing them over the cliff
   Raising taxes of, and cutting spending on,  the poor


I'm kinda thinking that this is the most effective platform for my Republican party coming into the '12 elections.  What do you think?

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.


  1. For my enlightenment and consideration... How do you define "poor?"


  2. 47% of Individual Income tax returns filed showed no income tax liability. Republican politicians constantly pound the table demanding that these people pay taxes. The average income for these filers? $14,485 a year.

    Jill, you ever tried living on a little over $1,000 a month?

    Getting these folks to pay even something will go absolutely nowhere in solving our nation's sorry fiscal situation.

    Yet. We can't raise taxes on the super wealthy in our country? The so called "job creators" according to Republicans like Richard Burr.

    Although ... 60% of the super-wealthy are either Doctors, Lawyers, or Corporate CEOs. Another 20% are involved in professional sports, or the entertainment industry. Do any of these people take their tax refunds and create jobs? Unlikely.

    Only about 15% of the top 1% are business owners. Yet, Republican politicians pound their chests and steadfastly refuse to raise taxes because it will hurt this minority of "job creators".

    And although ... The average federal income taxes paid by the top 400 earners is only about 17.8%. And over 1/3rd of these paid less than 15%. Hell, your average middle class American pays 20 - 22% all-in federal income taxes. The super wealthy in our country pay lower effective federal income taxes than do middle class Americans!

    Today's Republican Party absolutely sucks when it comes to fairness. Our Party kisses the asses of the Super wealthy, screws middle class America, and remains indigent that Americans who make $14 K or less a year aren't paying income taxes. Republican politicians who can't see the unfairness of our current income tax structure are idiots. We need to raise taxes on the rich, appreciably, and stop complaining about not collecting anything from the poor.

    Just one humble man's opinion about the sorry state of my Republican Party.