Wednesday, August 17, 2011

With Ed Lazear as a GOP economic leader, who needs enemies?

Ed Lazear was the top economist in the Republican Bush White House.  Is it any wonder that Republicans drove our economy over a cliff?  With Ed in charge of economic planning,  who needs more enemies?  Ed is enough.

Ed Lazear was on CNBC this morning.  You can see and hear his interview here.   This man is a typical GOP dolt.  In 11 minutes,  he managed to talk out of both sides of his mouth so often that he made the GOP look terribly foolish,  and solidified my belief that Republicans are to blame for this economic mess. Count the number of times Ed contradicts himself (only a few of which are indicated below).  Your head will spin.
  • In one breath he talks about the need to focus on the LT,  in the next he indicates the dire need to get something going now.
  • In one breath he talks about too much spending,  in the next he talks about the need to take action now to jumpstart the economy (like there's ample opportunity to do this without spending).
  • In one breath he talks about the need of generating investment in LT assets,  in the next he admits that lack of demand is the problem and there's nothing we can do about that.
  • In one breath he talks about Obama's focus on the wrong issues right out of the gate,  in the next he refuses to criticize the early focus on healthcare.
In this interview,  Ed Lazear demonstrates everything wrong with the modern day Republican Party.  They criticize.  They point fingers.  Yet,  they have nothing to offer up in the way of viable alternatives to solve any of the issues that they themselves dropped on our doorstep.  This man is a pathetic loser, as is my Republican Party.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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