Friday, October 28, 2011

A colossal Republican FAILURE. Thank you @SenatorBurr

In 2001,  a Republican President moved into the White House.  Republicans controlled both houses of Congress.  Republican politicians worked together to pursue a strategy of turning our nation into an "Ownership Society".   So how did this Republican effort work out?   It was a colossal failure.

Morgan Stanley recently released a report about the status of our nation's housing market.  The bottom line?  If you back out all the Americans who currently occupy a home but have stopped paying their mortgage,  then our nation's owner occupied, home ownership rate has hit a historical low.   Fewer Americans own their homes than ever before.  Nice Job Republican Party.  Nice job.

Senator Richard Burr was on the forefront of this disaster.  Our dolt of a Republican Senator supported these "Ownership" society efforts at every step.  Our Republican Senator pounded his chest and declared himself a "Laissez-Faire" Republican.  Richard Burr insisted that the government stand aside,  regulations be ignored,  and enforcement be stifled. 

So,  what went wrong?  Laissez-Faire Republicanism,  supported by the likes of Senator Richard Burr.  Republicans took all the referees off the playing field.  That allowed fraud and greed to control our housing market.  Republicans pushed naive people into home ownership.  Republicans made financing easy.  Then they allowed all this worthless mortgage paper to be pushed into the accounts of banks,  pension funds,  IRA and 529 savings accounts the world over.  A massive bubble formed and popped,  and our world economies blew up.   Today's massive economic turmoil can be traced directly back to 8 years of Republican control of Washington DC, their "Ownership Society" philosophy,  and the errant ways of Laissez-Fair Republicanism.   This economic turmoil lies squarely in the lap of the likes of Republican Senator Richard Burr.

Thank you Senator Burr.  Thank you for all the pain, misery,  joblessness and economic turmoil wrought by your ignorant ways.

North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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