Friday, November 11, 2011

Lindsey Graham is so naive

Lindsey Graham is now on the record saying ...

"If a special congressional committee doesn’t come up with a debt-reduction plan by Nov. 23, Congress should take a 10 percent pay cut, says Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)."

What a stupid,  naive idiot.  Only cut pay 10%?  Lindsey,  do you honestly believe a 10% paycut is punishment enough for abysmal failure?  If your child came home and said "Dad,  I wrecked your brand new Mercedes after drinking two six packs and texting while driving,  so you can take away my cell phone for a day" ... that be OK with you Lindsey?

I can tell you what the American people are thinking right now ... "If those fucking assholes in Congress don't get off their tails and compromise on a plan that makes substantial deficit reductions through a balanced blend of cuts and new taxes,  well then,  let's go haul their asses out on the street and hold a lynching party".

After all Lindsey,  Governor Perry didn't think any less of the efforts made by Ben Bernanke.  And every financial professional and economist in our country recognizes if it wasn't for Ben,  we'd be in a depression right now with over 25% of America out of work.  If a lynching of our Federal Reserve Chairman is good enough for a Republican Presidential Candidate,  then it's certainly acceptable for the American people to storm Washington DC with rope in hand, with a plan in mind to hang every Congressman in sight.

A 10% pay cut?  That's just bullshit.  It's not enough punishment for the piss poor Congressional performance we have witnessed in the last couple of years.  Not anywhere near enough.

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