Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our Republican party is full of loser politicians

The Republican Presidential candidates had a debate on CNBC this evening.  I had reading and research to do and was not able to tune in.  I did follow the debate later though based on Tweets from various traders.  A sampling of those tweets spells out what the Wall Street community thinks about our modern day Republican Party:
  1. Watching candidates lined up for . Half gather on left, half on right. No one talking to Cain. Afraid of scandal rubbing off?
  2. Santorum is an idiot
  3. The Fondler in Chief
  4. Fuck this Italy shit. 999
  5. Number of instances of the word Italy in Cain's answer: ZERO
  6. Cain doesn't know shit about Italy.
  7. bad answer by Cain to lead off
  8. We are all doomed
  9. Bernanke is watching this, while smoking a blunt saying "these bitches don't know shit. I'm gonna get them"
  10. They know nothing!
  11. Rofl! KgB Ron wants to liquidate your 401k
  12. Romney wins applause when he says we should not bail out Euro or US banks carrying Italian debt
  13. Huntsman is like a younger version of the creepy guy on Family Guy
  14. Romney looks like shit. Hangover
  15. the global economy needs "surgeons" not "general practitioners". So far haven't heard any surgeons in the house
  16. No one gives a shit about Italy. But they all want to fire Bernanke. Hahahahahhaha
  17. Romney answer has nothing to do w economy
  18. Italy must break up? what?
  19. How many chins does it take to make a newt?
  20. Bachman is wearing her Star Trek uniform
  21. Look at this fucking putz
  22. Can someone please ask the candidates if they endorse a -10% interest rate
  23. Bachmann repeats second highest corporate tax rate in the world Effective tax rate here is actually quite low.
  24. Here is comes. The GropeFather
  25. Cain is so fucking guilty
  26. Santorum was excellent as Billy Rosewood in Beverly Hills Cop 2
  27. Herman Cain: I will not let them put my sexiness on trial
  28. Newt should be stabbed in the face with a swordfish
  29. Grandpas gone wild
  30. Huntsman is flat out bored. That's the only reason he is here
  31. Romney needs some hair gel
  32. So all the candidates are against corporate dividends?
  33. Santorums tie is just stupid
  34. Everyone knows what should be done. Nobody has any idea how to do it
  35. Ron Paul w the worst answer of the night.
  36. So far this debate sucks
  37. ok my question is simple Oil is going to $150 next year. What r u going to do about it
  38. Ron Paul is right. The Fed has been robbing from the savers of this country. It is a stealth bank bailout.
  39. Romney just owned Liesman
  40. Gov Perry you are not running just in Texas. Answer ? w nation in mind
  41. I feel bad for Bachman. Be a mother and go home
  42. Romney, et al are totally clueless on housing. That's what happen with denial and embracing the Big Lie of housing
  43. jesus, it's worse than a broken record
  44. Cain is on auto 999 all day every day
  45. Cain knows absolutely nothing. Pizza man
  46. Apparently, uncertainty and regulations are killing this economy - not 40% housing declines and 9% unemployment
  47. And to think Cain was a Fed President
  48. I dare any of these guys, other than Paul, to say anything bad about any of the TBTF banks
  49. The audience reaction would be interesting if someone told the truth that unemployment will hit north of 25%
  50. These candidates sound like they dislike the banks more than the OccupyWall St. folks.
  51. Ron Paul would sell Hawaii to China
  52. What would you do to Fannie Mae? Cain: Is she a blonde? Does she want a job?
  53. Someone needs to give Bachman a hug
  54. Newt is such a dick
  55. Santorum predicted the housing bubble!!!!!
  56. I know Ron Paul works for the KGB
  57. I have a question: tell me, what do you think unemployment would be today w/o 2008 bailouts?
  58. here is the bad news for Republicans. Obama is the Ali of campaigning And I don't see a Frazier in the house tonight
  59. candidates all glad housing questions are done, can go back to talking about usual nonsense that has nothing to do with real world
  60. Romey: we are Greece. Fuck you , we're way bigger
  61. Perry want to turn America into one giant Texas. God help us all.
  62. Perry is braindead
  63. yep. stroke
  64. Wow, Perry should just drop out now.
  65. If you get into a car accident and break your jaw bone, slap some 999 on it and shit will be fixed
  66. Uh, Perry just did a scorched earth move on his campaign.
  67. Ouch. Perry can't remember what 3 agencies he would wipe out when he gets to DC. Commerce, education and ??? Painful to watch.
  68. Perry literally would have literally been better off saying "f this I'm hammered man"
  69. I keep looking 4 Romney's hair dye to drip down his temples
  70. Dear SNL, you are welcome. Sincerely, Rick Perry
  71. Perry managed to sound worse than the $GMCR call
  72. The Perry moment is one of the most significant of any moment in any debate ever ever
  73. Someone needs to gag Bachman, quickly
  74. Basically, we don't need no stinking colleges
  75. According to these assholes, we should replace colleges with FOXCONN factories
  76. I'm not hating on Perry because of his superficial gaffe. This debate shit is all Hollywood. Doesn't make the man
  77. Okay, Cain is officially an idiot with his 999 nonsense
  78. If I was running, I'd run on the platform of declaring war on China
  79. Bachmann seems to be suspended in some perpetual tampon/abortion commercial, can't quite put my finger on it.
  80. I bet you Huntsman keeps a set of chopsticks in his suit pockets
  81. I wonder if these men are trying on purpose to recreate the glory years of the 1930's?
  82. Dear Mitt, everyone is trying to keep their currency down
  83. Romney thinking he got rid of Perry tonight. But Newt coming on strong and is a much tougher competitor.
  84. Why can't we go back to the good old days of evil doers and cave people with dirty bombs?
  85. I'd have more respect for Perry if he occasionally blurted out some racial slur, just to get his Texan on.
  86. Perry is an oil man. No cronyism there
  87. Flash: Moody's downgrades Perry campaign to Baa
  88. BREAKING: FASB to allow banks holding Intrade contracts on Perry as Tier 1 capital to mark to model
  89. InTrade halted - CME to onboard all Perry contracts with reduced initial margin but 40% equity cut so immediate margin call
  90. We bought several million in CDSs on Perry's campaign funds, today before the debate.
  91. As we speak, Huntsman is eating Lo Mein with his ivory chopsticks
  92. The short interest is in the Perry contract is huge. Setting up for an epic short squeeze which would make him dictator of the galaxy
  93. I no longer hate and wish harm on Bachman. I now pity her and want her to go home and cook dinner for her 50 kids
  94. At least W made us laugh. So would Rick. And the economy is pretty much unsavable as is.
  95. Whoa, Perry shows up in spin room: "I'm sure glad I had my boots on because I sure stepped in it out there."
  96. ISDA declares all CDS written on Perry to be untriggered as his political suicide was voluntary
  97. On the Matter of the CNBC GOP Debate AKA Planet of the Apes 
  98. Did Fast Money short Perry before the debate?
  99. Not one question calling these fuckers out for being against bailout of 2008
  100. So did anyone ask them what stocks they recommend?
    OK ... I've had enough of the Republican Debate via Twitter this evening.  All the Republicans running for President?   They're all brain dead morons who don't have a clue how to run the American economy. 

    Our Republican politicians are all void of intelligence.

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