Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Our worthless, good for nothing politicians ...

Tonight's headlines making the rounds on the financial trading desks:

Dems Offer $2.3t in Deficit Reductions Over 10 Years: down from previous $3t, includes $1t in tax revenue, $1t in spending cuts, $300b in lower interest costs over decade.

GOP countered with plan for $1.5t in cuts with $350b in tax revenue over decade

My reaction?  F*#&ING worthless,  piece of crap politicians.  We don't need to hear from these scum bags until they put a plan on the table with $4 Trillion in cuts PLUS $2.0 Trillion in new taxes.   And if they don't get it done by the deadline,  we should throw their sorry tails out of office immediately and scorn them for eternity.

How in the HELL is it that our Republican party can't propose near as many spending cuts as the Democrats?  Time and time again we hear these worthless,  piece of crap Republican politicians come on the camera railing about spending.  Yet,  to the one,  they never offer up details on what cuts they'll make.  And now that they have the opportunity,  these wussies can't find more cuts than the Democrats?

How is it that our Republican politicians can't bring themselves to raise income taxes?  Poll after poll shows how the vast majority of Americans WANT our political leaders to grow an 'effing backbone and raise taxes to help balance our budgets.   Republicans can't listen to Americans?  WTF?

Face it.  Republicans are just damn worthless,  to the one.  Kick their sorry butts to the curb.  It's past time.

North Carolina deserves better than our worthless, piece of crap,  good for nothing Republican Senator Richard Burr.

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