Monday, November 21, 2011

@SenatorBurr : 2010 Election Postmortem

About one year ago I wrote a post with my observations after Republicans took control of The House.  I was reviewing those year ago comments this evening.  They are below,  with current observations indicated in red:

It was a blowout. North Carolina voted to send our dolt, Senator Richard Burr, back to Washington DC. On the one hand, I'm horrified. On the other, I'm pleased with the opportunity to dog our do-nothing Senator for six more years (yep,  I have enjoyed making fun of our idiot Senator, and look forward to five more years of fun ahead).

This blog rocks on, for six more years !

A list of post election observations:

1. Burr is an empty suit. MSNBC, FOX, CNN, CNBC ... I listened to them all at one point or another last night. As it became evident that Republicans won in a landslide, talk turned to who would control what committee in Washington DC in the coming term, and who would be in positions of power and influence. You know something really interesting? Not once did I hear Senator Richard Burr's name mentioned on any of the major networks. Not once. Why? Because we sent a lawn mower salesman to represent us in Washington DC. Richard Burr is not a leader. He has no expertise. He's a nobody in Washington DC. After 15 years of serving in Congress, we have a Senator who leads nothing, is recognized only as an empty suit. I shake my head in amazement that North Carolina voters could do this to our state. No change here.  Our Senator is a do-nothing, empty suit.

2. Danger in misinterpreting the results. There's too much gloating going on by Republicans. And many are in danger of misreading the results of this election. I hear Republicans today constantly spouting off about the need to overturn the progress made on both the health care and financial reform fronts. Go ahead Republicans, do it. Fight it out. Voters want jobs and a good economy. They don't give a damn about anything but jobs and the economy. Waste their time with fights over health care and financial reform and you'll jump right back into boiling water.  And voters still want jobs and a better economy,  while our Republican Party spends all their efforts attacking,  attacking,  attacking ... anything and everything done by our President.  But all the while,  pretending like it's Democrats who won't work with Republicans. Right.  And pigs fly and horses bark.

3. Republicans continue to display ignorance of basic economic issues. If I hear one more ignorant Republican talk about needing tax cuts to spur capital formation, I'm going to scream. These people are idiots. Our problem is that we're awash in capital. We've got investors throwing money at our country to buy our Treasuries to such a point that interest rates are at historical lows. Capital is NOT our problem. Consumer demand is THE issue. Most Republicans just don't get it. They'll cook up any excuse to dish out more tax cuts. Go ahead, give an unemployed person a tax cut and see how far that takes us in getting our economy back on track. You can't cut taxes on a guy who has no income. Republicans crying about capital formation are idiots.   And Republicans are still clueless morons about simple economics.

4. Republicans will fail in reconciling promises. Republican after Republican talks about out of control government spending and the need to balance the budget in one breath, and the need to extend tax cuts to everyone in the next. Then they'll spout that tired line about how government spending doesn't create a single job. This is going to be fun to watch. Go ahead, cut taxes, balance our budget by cutting $1.1 Trillion in spending, and watch how that won't lead to anything but appreciably higher unemployment. It's about time that BS gets called on Republican whining about deficit spending, job creation, and tax cuts. Those three issues can't be reconciled the way Republicans portray. An economic mess awaits. Watch and learn.  And we're about to learn,  come 2013.  Republicans will be called to task for spouting their bullshit lines about how budget cuts will lead to more jobs and economic growth. The opposite will play out. Republicans = Liars.

5. Mitch spews hate. Would someone please remove the giant corn cob from Mitch's butt? Fresh off his victory parade, Mitch comes out swinging for President Obama. Mitch spews an abundance of hate and vitriol. Any man with common sense could only conclude Mitch is a Grand Dragon of the KKK. Check out Mitch's shoes. And look carefully at the shoes of the banner bearer in the next KKK march you see coming down main street in any rural town in Kentucky. Mitch? Is that you Mitch? Mitch McConnell stands in the way of progress in Washington DC. If anything is going to get accomplished "for the American people", then Mitch first needs to have his ego checked. And the man needs to just tone it down.  Mitch McConnell is a poor excuse for a Human Being.  This man is mean spirited and highly disrespectful to the Office of the Presidency of the United States.  Mitch is a disgrace to our party, and our nation.

6. Eric Cantor takes a good first step. While I'm not wild about Eric's desire to revisit history and unravel the progress on Financial Reform and Health Care, I admire his management skills. The guy has published a 22 page road map. And it includes steps to manage the House in a manner that would gain respect from management teams of some of our nation's better run corporations. His rhetoric though leaves much to be desired. He's not near as bad at Mitch McConnell, but Eric still comes across like an arrogant SOB who you'd rather not want to associate with. If he toned it down a couple notches, Eric might wind up accomplishing great things for our country. He's a keeper.  Man,  was I ever wrong about Eric Cantor.  Eric destroyed TRILLIONS in American wealth by acting like a fucking child over the budget ceiling extension.   I didn't think anyone could be more disgusting than Mitch McConnell.  But Eric is far worse.  Shame on Richmond,  Virginia for sending this stupid clown to Washington DC.

7. Boehner is a woman. There's no crying on Capital Hill. There's simply no crying in national politics. Boehner cried in front of the nation in his first major appearance as the leader of the House. He blew it. This man is a weak. His days are numbered.  Boehner is worthless. Period.

8. The Republican attack machine cranks up. I think a large part of our nation's problems derive from the Republican attack machine. It's relentless, it's mean spirited, it spews hate and fear. And its cranking up again. Just check out the headlines on Drudge:
  • Barack backed into the corner
  • Next up for Dems: Trials
  • Dems warned not to shred documents
  • Fed under attack from GOP
My Republican party is in dire need of a positive message. They're mostly mean spirited old white men who do a great disservice to our nation through the hate and fear they constantly spew. And if they continue down this path, the progress they just made will get reversed in the next election.  Yep, mean as ever.  But, stupid too.  Really stupid.

9. Jack Welch has it right. Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, is guest hosting CNBC this morning. Jack is a staunch Republican. He's crying out for the Republican party to change its tactics, dramatically. The voters just delivered a message of Jobs, Economy. Recognize it and deliver. Form a message around these two issues. Focus like a laser beam. Stop with the efforts to repeal everything that has already been done. Instead, look to improve and adjust with a goal to creating jobs and improving the economy. Jack indicates that the party runs the risk of being labeled right wing nut jobs if they continue with their efforts to repeal the past, instead of focusing on the future and directing all their efforts to jobs and the economy. I can really relate to Jack. I want to be a Republican again, when my party stops with the right wing nut job attitude and refocuses on becoming a party of problem solvers. I don't see it happening though.  Right on Jack. You da man.

more to follow, later ...

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    The Republican candidates for President of the United States are making a case to NOT vote for none of them! Mitt Romney is leading in the polls but all the other Republican candidates are saying just like he was a piss poor Governor. He would be a piss poor President! They are saying he is the 1% and responsible for many Americans being unemployed! Newt Gingrich has been criticize by the Republican candidates for his horrible record as “Speaker of the House”! Gingrich paid out over $300,000 in violation and fines while “Speaker” and was force out! When it comes to moral Gingrich fail! He divorce his dying wife of cancer and marry her best friend. Then Gingrich cheated on that wife she divorce him! Republican candidates also criticize the former “Speaker” for receiving million from Fannie Mae” . Then criticizing Fannie Mae! None of the Republican Gingrich serve with endorse him!

    Then the Republican candidates criticize Rick Santorum too. Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum is defending his votes to spend federal money on politically earmarked projects, including the so-called “Bridge to Nowhere” in Alaska that was never built. Republican candidates point out Rick Santorum is known as the "earmarks king:! But just like Newt Gingrich who took money from 'Fannie Mae” then criticize “Fannie Mae”. Santorum now criticize politician that are responsible for earmarks”! GO FIGURE!!!! When it comes to Ron Paul the Republican candidates have criticize him for being weak on foreign policy! His need to legalize all drugs and for wanting to make prostitution a American legal choice for 18 and above Americans! Republican candidates also point out Ron Paul racist and terrorist letter against Americans. That when once confronted Ron Paul lie and said he only sign the racist and terrorist letter he didn't read them. Ron Paul has yet to disclose the author of the racist and terrorist letters!

    Just let me say that Ron Paul is a “Doctor” if he signs thing he does not read for“Patience ! His
    Patience should let him go as a Doctor! Another thing why would any American vote for a President that they know will sign things they don't read? On his radio program , Republican Rush Limabugh slammed Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry over his criticism of Mitt Romney‘s work at Bain Capital, which the Texas Governor deemed “vulture capitalism.” The Republican candidates have criticize Perry for given illegal immigrant over $100,000 of taxpayers money to go to college! The candidates also site that nearly 66% of Texas children are without healthcare because of Perry policy !

    Now I save Jon Huntsman for last because he is in my opinion a total hypocrite appointed "Ambassador to China" by President Obama . Huntsman stated President Obama was a great President! He also carry out President Obama policy in China and states he was a very good Ambassador! Then a total turn around of nothing but criticism of President Obama! The Republican candidate criticize Huntsman for working for the President and praising the President.

    Bottom line I agree with the Republican candidates none of them are qualify to be President nor vice President nor “Head of a Business”! All of the very rich Republican candidates are out of touch with American. Not one will acknowledge the fact that it was a Republican President ( G.W. Bush) eight years of disenfranchising America!