Wednesday, November 2, 2011

@SenatorBurr - Are Republicans rational in their criticism of Ben Bernanke?

Ben Bernake,  our Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board,  is giving a press conference right now.  The actions the Federal Reserve Board have great impact on our nation's financial markets.  I,  like most other financial traders,  are now glued to our trading screens watching Ben's every twitch,  and listing to each and every syllable Ben mutters.   If Ben even moves his lips in the wrong direction,  the financial markets could plunge.  At least it feels that way at times.

Ben is doing an excellent job in this press conference.  He's coming across as a very level-headed person.  Ben appears to be earnestly trying his best to take actions that will improve our nation's economy.  I like Ben Bernanke.  I feel safe knowing that he is at the helm of our nation's Federal Reserve Board.  This man is an honest,  hard-working American who deserves our respect and admiration.   And this is yet another reason I think my Republican Party is so fucking deplorable.

To the one,  the Republican candidates for President want to fire Ben Bernanke.   Perry even wants to drag Ben's tail down to Texas and hang the man from the highest tree. Top Republican politicians in the US Senate and House of Representatives sent Ben a letter recently,  blaming Ben for an errant US economy. These Republicans are just fucking stupid.  They should be spending more time looking in the mirror to place blame.

We're in the midst of a piss poor economy because Republican politicians are morons.  Republicans gave our manufacturing base away to China in the name of free trade, sending American unemployment out of control.  Republicans slashed taxes on our nation's wealthiest citizens without cutting budgetary expenditures,  driving our annual deficits through the roof,  and leading to deplorable income inequality.  Republican politicians stood around with their heads up their asses while energy,  education and health care costs ramped to the sky.   Republican politicians took great delight in jacking our nation's military budget to the point that we spend more than the next 14 nations,  combined.  Republican politicians pushed an "Owernship Society" effort down our throats that wound up crashing our nation's housing market.  Republican politicians sent our young people off to senseless wars.  Yes,  the Republican politicians we sent to Washington DC in the last decade or two are just down right, fucking stupid.

One of the dumbest?  Republican Senator Richard Burr.  North Carolina deserves better than our dolt of a Republican Senator.  Richard Burr is worthless.

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