Thursday, November 17, 2011

@SenatorBurr : The Economist Magazine says you've lost my vote

The Economist Magazine has me pegged in this article.  I'm White Working Class.  There's no doubt about it.  At least,  I think like a White Working Class person.  And, I am White,  last time I checked. I don't work though.  I sit at a computer,  speculating in the securities markets,  but there are long stretches of time where I just putz around.  So,  I don't really work. But, according to the Economist Magazine, I am definitely in the White Working Class camp.

How's that?  Well,  according to the Economist Magazine, there are two core groups of Republican voters:

White Working Class
  • Entitlement cuts are not necessary to reduce the budget deficits
  • Taxes need to be raised on the wealthy
  • We need our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Occupy Wall Street has a valid gripe

Core GOP Base
  • Entitlements need deep cuts
  • Under no circumstance should taxes be raised,  on anyone
  • We need to wage war everywhere,  all the time
  • Occupy Wall Street are a bunch of losers

McCain supposedly lost the last Presidential election because he failed to appeal to the White Working Class.  We broke the way of President Obama because we were so pissed off at our Republican Party.  According to this magazine article,  we still largely deplore the stupidity of the current crop of Republican politicians,  and are likely to vote for Obama.

Well,  maybe.  But,  maybe not.

The problem us White Working Class dudes face right now is, as much as we deplore the stupidity of Republican politicians,  we just aren't impressed with President Obama either.  Our President is weak.  He refuses to act with a backbone and punish Republicans, who destroyed our economy.  And our President refuses to arrest and prosecute those on Wall Street who destroyed $7 Trillion of our wealth and walked away rich.  Our President just simply acts like a weak putz,  incapable of mustering the strength to right our nation's ship.

But it's even worse.  We have no viable alternatives on the other side either.  We still hold our Republican Party largely responsible for this economic mess we find ourselves in.  And when we look across the crop of Republican Presidential contenders we see a sorry assed group of losers with brains no larger than a pea.  There are no good alternatives.

We aren't the White Working Class.  We're the White Lost Class,  looking for a strong leader,  and not seeing squat on the horizon.

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