Wednesday, November 16, 2011

@SenatorBurr : Hypocrite of the highest order

To the winners of the wars go the right to revise the history books ... unless you're a Republican politician.  In that case,  you re-write history on a daily basis.

Isn't that so true with our modern day Republican party? Republicans pushed their "ownership society" down our throats.  While controlling both the White House and Congress,  they encouraged EVERY American to run out and buy a home.  Heck,  why stop with just one?  Buy two, three, four.  Just be an owner.  To support the Republican agenda,  our Republican Federal Reserve Board Chairman turned a blind eye to sensible regulation and oversight of the mortgage lending industry.  Don't have income?  Not a problem.  Liar loans for everyone.  We'll give 'em out like candy.

That worked out well,  eh?

But to hear a modern day Republican politician,  it wasn't their fault.  Barney Frank is to blame.  Or,  it was Bill Clinton's fault.  Please,  just shut the 'eff up with the lies.  We're just tired of hearing that bullshit,  revisionist history coming out of the mouths of lying Republican politicians.

But,  they won't shut up.  Daily,  they make every effort possible to re-write history and blame anyone and everyone but themselves.  It's as if a Republican politician has never looked in the mirror,  much less pointed a finger that direction.

Yesterday,  our esteemed Republican Senator,  Richard Burr came out with another tiring re-write of history.  Did you read it?  Stimulus doesn't do anything.  Stimulus is a failed policy.  Stimulus is a Democratic failure.  Oh,  really?

Nine studies indicate that Stimulus worked
CBO says stimulus created between 1.4 and 3.3 Million jobs
Zandi: Stimulus worked
SF Federal Reserve Study - Stimulus created 2.0 Million jobs - Yes,  the stimulus worked
Studies support that stimulus worked

But somehow,  in Senator Richard Burr's fantasy land ... the stimulus was a failure.

There's an even more important consideration.  Did the stimulus bills pass with only Democrats voting in the affirmative?  Hardly.  These bills were crafted with Republican input as well.  Otherwise,  Republicans would have used their ability to filibuster the bills on the floor of the Senate.  The result,  as is usually the case,  left us with bills influenced by both parties.  We got Democratic spending,  and Republican tax cuts.  Yet,  to listen to Republicans,  they played no part in crafting the stimulus bills.  As usual,  modern day Republicans lie to us,  constantly, including our own worthless Republican Senator, Richard Burr.

This compromised result leaves one to wonder - would the stimulus have been more effective if it was spent in the manner that our Democratic President wanted?  We got hundreds of billions in Republican tax cuts in the stimulus program at the insistence of Republicans.  Most of those benefits wound up in the pockets of the rich and wealthy.  It's sitting in a bank somewhere, accomplishing nothing in a world awash in idle bank deposits.  How much better off would we be right now if it was actually spent putting Americans to work building our nation's infrastructure?  Likely,  significantly better off.

Senator Burr,  if you want our respect,  try telling the truth.  Take responsibility.  Stop pointing fingers everywhere else.  Until that happens,  and in a consistent manner,  you're no better than all the other Republican politicians now serving in Washington DC ... just another 'effing liar.

North Carolina deserves better than our lying Republican Senator,  Richard Burr.

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