Tuesday, November 22, 2011

@SenatorBurr : Listen to yourself, just LISTEN. We're tired of your lies.

I am sitting here right now listening to CNBC's interview of Pat Toomey.  This Republican Senator is like ALL Republican Senators,  including my state's Republican Senator,  Richard Burr.  They refuse to deviate from the "Party" line.  They will say nothing outside of Republican talking points.

To all Republican politicians ... LISTEN to yourselves.  LISTEN to all your lies.  Do you really believe the AMERICAN people buy the constant stream of BULLSHIT you spew?

REPUBLICAN LIE:  We don't have a revenue problem.  We only have a spending problem in this country.  We spend 25% of GDP.  We need drastic cuts to spending.

WRONG.  On two fronts.  Our problems are both REVENUES and SPENDING.  We spend 25% of GDP,  but we only collect 14% of GDP.  On average we have spent 18% of GDP in the past,  so we also need to COLLECT 18% of GDP.  Our income tax rates are the lowest in 60 years.  Our income tax rates are near the lowest in the world.  We must raise revenues.  We must increase income taxes,  in addition to cutting spending.

And as Republicans now run around spewing lies and telling us we can only cut spending,  they are holding rallies across the nation trying to head off ANY cuts to defense spending.  Yet,  we spend more money on defense than the next 17 nations,  COMBINED.  Cut Defense.  Take a god damn knife out and cut the living hell out of defense.  And increase income taxes.  It's common sense.

FUCKING REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS, who refuse to use common sense.  Republicans are to blame for the sorry state of our nation's budget.  They wrecked our economy.  And they now stand in the way of the application of common sense to fix their mistakes. 

Republicans, like Richard Burr and Pat Toomey,  are lying,  POS,  good for nothing politicians.  North Carolina deserves better than Republican Senator Richard Burr, and the other worthless Republicans who stand in the way of applying common sense to our nation's budget problems.

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