Thursday, November 17, 2011

@SenatorBurr : WTF is wrong with you morons up there in Washington DC?

$46.05 Trillion.

It all comes down to how effective we can be at reducing a 10 year spending budget of $46.05 Trillion (Page 54, here).

Holy CRAP Senator,  you can't find a way to cut a couple Trillion out of a $46 Trillion budget?  What,  they didn't teach you how to do that at Lawnmowing School?  Mind if I send my junior high school daughter up there to help out?  She'd get it done in an afternoon,  and be home in time for dinner.  We teach common sense around our home,  something you apparently can't manage to grasp.

North Carolina deserves better than our moron of a Republican Senator,  Richard Burr.

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