Monday, November 7, 2011

There is NO Justice in America. NONE.

Fascinating article spelling out how much damage banking CEOs did to America.  The top 14 highest paid banking CEOs took home $2.5 Billion from 2000 thru 2008.  For those who do the math,  that averages $19.8 Million per CEO,  per year.  What were they rewarded for?  The actions of these 'effing @##holes cost America $7 Trillion.

Yet,  no one went to jail.

There is no justice in America.  None.

Simply stunning that our Republican politicians can not lift one damn finger to raise taxes on wealthy Americans.   40% of the top 1% are Corporate Executives.  15% are Doctors.  10% are Lawyers.   Yet, Republicans would have us believe the top 1% are all small business people,  job creators. Where are the jobs? What did we get for those $7 Trillion in losses?  

Isn't it time to tell our Republican politicians to wake the 'eff up?

North Carolina deserves better than our dolt of a Republican Senator,  Richard Burr.

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