Sunday, December 11, 2011

Articles worth a read, December 2011

Merry Xmas, will be back again next year

12/13 America: Income inequality
12/13 Burr: Sucks up to Corruption
12/13 Rich: Do not create jobs

12/12 Jobs: Come from demand, stupid
12/12 Burr on Gingrich: Too funny
12/12 Michael Moore: Obama in Wall Street pockets

12/09 Wall Street: Common sense sighted
12/09 Companies: Making > profits, paying < taxes
12/09 Coming financial debacle: No place to hide

12/08 Medical costs: $250 M on penis pumps?
12/08 Rich undertaxed: Pisses me off the most
12/08 Obama: About damn time

12/07 The rich say: Tax the poor
12/07 Fight: Beck vs. Gingrich
12/07 Romney: What's he hiding?

12/06 Tax Increases I: Will not harm economic growth
12/06 Tax Increases II: Will not harm economic growth
12/06 Tax Cuts I: Do NOT lead to economic growth

12/05 Tax Cuts II: Do NOT lead to economic growth
12/05 Financial crises: 2007 - 11 Timeline
12/05 Yet another: Republican Crook

12/02 Republicans: And racism
12/02 Republicans: Are just effing stupid
12/02 Jobs come from: Demand

12/01 School free lunch: Soaring
12/01 Arrests: We need these in USA
12/01 Newt: Lies, lies, more lies 


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