Thursday, December 8, 2011

@GOPLeader - That effing Eric Cantor wound up costing Americans $2.4 Trillion

The Fed Flow of Funds report got released today.   You can flip to page 106 to see the accounting for the net worth of Americans.  We lost $2.4 Trillion in wealth from June 30th thru Sept 30,  2011.  

What happened?  That little worthless,  piece of shit,  good for nothing, Eric Cantor,  acted like a fucking child and started a food fight on Capital Hill.   That asshole threatened to shut down our government over extending our nation's debt ceiling.  Investors across the country saw Eric's childish crap unfolding in Washington DC and headed for the exit on their investments,  across the board.   The value of our equity holdings fell by $1.5 Trillion.  Another Trillion got wiped off the map in the value of our pension/retirement savings.

Fuck you very much Eric, you sniveling weasel.

A special shout out thank you to all the Republican idiots in Richmond, Virginia who sent that scumbag Cantor to Washington.  I hope your investments performed significantly worse than average. 


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