Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My head's going to explode?

I've been up since 3:30 am.  My head is spinning.  It's not from the 4th cup of coffee either.  I'm drinking Caffeine-free this morning.  It's spinning from all the political and economic activity swirling around us today.

Europe - What a bunch of clueless morons over in Europe.  I've been hard on the inept political leadership we have in our country.  But, wow.  Our Congress looks like a genius pool next to the clowns over in Europe.  Europe's answer to their economic issues will lead them further down a rat hole of higher unemployment, continual erosion in economic activity,  and a death spiral in budgetary performance.  European stupidity will wind up rubbing off on the World Economy.  The World's financial markets are going lower, on the back of idiocy out of Europe.

President Obama - He's finally coming out swinging and weighing in heavy on the very issue that disturbs me the most - income inequality,  under-taxation of the ultra wealthy.  It's about damn time.   And I'm getting a good chuckle out of the reaction-o-meter spinning out of control on CNBC.  All the rich bankers, traders and money managers are livid that they're under the microscope.  Hell yeah,  let 'em feel the heat.  And make 'em whip out their checkbooks and cut bigger checks for income taxes.  I am just damn tired of paying an all-in Federal Income Tax bill of 22 - 25% of my income,  while the 400 highest earning Americans, making $286 M a year,  pay an average of 18%.  Even worse,  over 30% of the 400 highest earning Americans pay less that 15%.   How in the hell did we get in a situation where the richest among us pay less than the middle class?  And why is my Republican party standing there like morons,  protecting the rich,  and insisting that we can't raise income taxes on the wealthy to bring fairness back to our tax structure?

My neighborhood - I live smack in the middle of a Republican stronghold.  I can't go anywhere without bumping into radical, ubber right wing neighbors who think of President Obama as being an raging socialist and total disaster.   Well, OK.  They're entitled to their opinions.  But, Republicans are the better alternative?  Oh please.  Get an 'effing clue.  Republicans destroyed our economy.  They have no viable alternatives to get us out of the mess they created.   And their credibility is Zippo.  But my neighbors' naivety in really understanding the issues blows my mind.  Instead of trying to educate them,  which is an exercise in futility,  I'm in avoidance mode.  I won't be talking with neighbors much in the coming year,  and perhaps eternity. But I'll be handing out plenty of Obama 2012 stickers as XMas presents.  So they won't be talking to me either.  Good.  Less conflict.  Lower blood pressure.

Class warfare? - Oh STFU.  The rich pay less taxes than the middle class.  While I get caught in AMT,  year after year after year and wind up paying 25% tax on my capital gains,  Warren Buffet and Bill Gates can sale the same damn stock and pay only 15%.  WTF?  It's not class warfare,  it's just simple, plain, effing fairness.  And if President Obama makes the case that we need fairness in our tax code,  then by god,  he's my man.

Gingrich - He's got the Republican nomination sewed up.  Romney doesn't stand a chance. White, Christian, Southerners will not vote for a Mormon.  It's just not going to happen.  And I have to chuckle at all my neighbors who think Obama a disaster,  yet are now forced to support a lying scumbag like Gingrich.   This man bounced checks,  was sued to force payment of his child support,  has had more affairs and wives than my Ti BA-35 calculator can compute, and I've only scratched the surface.  Newt lacks a single, moral fiber in his body.  He's an arrogant, disgusting, vile person.  And people think he's a better alternative than President Obama?  My god, we're a nation gone insane.

That's just a small taste of the issues crossing my mind.  I'll be grateful if I make it through the day without my head exploding.

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