Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Obama's war on religion?

Seen this Rick Perry commercial?   Obama's war on religion?  I missed that one.  Did it cost anything near the $1.5 Trillion Republicans spent on the wars waged on Islam?  Just curious.

Rick,  I have faith too,  faith that you'll flame out soon enough that few Americans will even recall that you were in the race.  You sealed your fate when threatening to hang Ben Bernanke - the only person in Washington who managed to apply common sense and prevent the '08 financial crises from becoming a full blown depression.

Rick Perry is toast.


  1. Bernanke is a trait0r and anyone who disagrees is a criminal who loves bankers and hates Americans.

    The rich love Bernanke and the poor hate him.

  2. Democrats blocked financial regulation in 2005 because banking, insurance and mortgage are democratic strongholds.

  3. Not sure what the above comments have to do with Rick Perry and his war on religion, but OK, whatever you say.

    Except ...

    If not for BEN, every American would be using the woods as a permanent bathroom, eating critters, and bathing in the creek. Knock the man all you want, but he saved our economy, and he continues to work his tail off to get it going again ... more than anyone can say for the morons on Capital Hill.

    And blocking financial regulation in 2005? What the hell are you talking about? In 2005, Republicans controlled the White House, The Senate, and The House. So, how was it that Democrats were in a position to block anything?

    The shit hit the fan in 2008-09 because Republicans sat on their asses and refused to regulate Wall Street. This effing financial crises we're living through was dropped on our doorsteps by laissez-faire capitalism practiced by the Republican party, where they took all the referees off the playing field and allowed Wall Street to rape America.

    Just thought I'd speak your language in offering up a response. In other words, our worthless, POS Republican politicians bear the burden of this mess, and they have absolutely zero credible solutions to solve the problems they themselves created.