Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Over regulation? Really? Really, Senator?

Republicans are on this giant kick of harping about government regulations stifling American corporations.

Funny thing though.  How is it that while we're supposedly over-regulated,  Corporate Profits hit record after record,  and taxes are at historical lows?   Wouldn't an over-regulated society lead to profit erosion,  and income tax explosion to the upside?   Then,  team those facts with the fact that corporate cash on the balance sheet also is sitting at all-time highs.  And corporations are in a position to complain?  Oh, please.  Wake the 'eff up.   Over regulation is just one giant reach for any issue that will stick.   And this issue isn't sticking.

Strange.  The Republican arguments just don't hold water.   But,  what else is new?

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