Thursday, December 8, 2011

Question for the Obama Haters

I have a question for all the Obama haters out there,  especially all the ultra right-wing tea party members running around the country crying about President Obama being a socialist ...

In the previous post,  I laid out America's Individual Income tax return.  Take note of the fact that when you divide Income Tax by Taxable Income,  the average Federal Income tax rate of Americans is 20.6%.

A socialist is someone who takes from the rich,  and gives to the poor?  Done in excess,  that's socialism.  Right?

If President Obama is a socialist,  how is it then that the Top 400 earning Americans had taxable income of $227 Million each (latest info - 2008),  yet paid only 18.1% in income taxes .... less than the 20.6% average paid by other Americans?   How is it that a full 1/3rd of these very wealthy actually paid less than 15%?   This is socialism? Socialism is where the rich pay less than everyone else?

Are you sure you're not being brainwashed by the very people benefiting the most from the ultra low income tax rates on the extremely wealthy? Rupert Murdoch,  the owner of FOX,  is a billionaire.  Rush Limbaugh makes 10s of millions annually.   Haven't you allowed yourselves to be duped by these rich nut jobs?  Yes, the ultra rich have convinced you to fight their battles.  They've convinced you that our President is a socialist in his attempts to restructure America's income tax rates.  You're fighting for the rich,  allowing them to win the war.

Hell no, our President is not a socialist.  But we live in a communist country.  In communism,  the workers work their fingers to the bone to provide a lavish lifestyle to a very select group of party members.   In America,  citizens making between $200 K and $1 M a year are paying tax rates averaging 22 - 25%.  Middle class,  and upper middle class America are getting screwed,  to support the lavish lifestyles of the ultra wealthy, who pay far less in taxes.  And it's our Republican Party who stand in the way of bringing fairness back to our income tax structure.  Republicans absolutely insist that we keep the current tax structure in place,  a tax structure that operates just like communism.  The workers pay.  A small, select group of wealthy win.

Our President is a socialist?  Hardly.  But our Republican Party are a bunch of 'effing communists.   It's time to bring fairness back to our income tax structure.  It's time to raise taxes on the ultra wealthy,  IN A BIG WAY.

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