Friday, December 2, 2011

@SenatorBurr - You're full of crap, Senator

I've always been mad at my worthless Republican Senator,  Richard Burr.  The man's been in Washington DC for more than 15 years.  What has he accomplished?  Nothing of substance.  Absolutely nothing.  But,  he spends inordinate time pointing fingers everywhere but in the mirror.

I'm especially upset my with worthless Senator today,  after reading this letter.  Did you read the key piece tucked at the very end of the letter?:

"Last night, the Senate voted on a bill that would extend the temporary payroll tax holiday enacted last year.  This was an attempt to reduce long term retirement savings for short term stimulative gain; it did not work the way we hoped, and it is time to pursue other alternatives."

It did not work?  Oh please.  It did work.  It is working.  It continues to work.  And the evidence is right in front of your nose, Senator.  This payroll tax cut puts money in the pockets of average Americans, Americans who are in dire need of help in this terrible economy.   This money gets spent.  It stimulates DEMAND.  Increased demand leads to jobs.  Look at the data Senator.
  • In eight YEARS of Republican control of Washington during the Bush administration,  only 1.1 Million new jobs were created.
  • In only eleven MONTHS after the Obama payroll tax cuts were passed,  1.4 million jobs have been created.
  • 1.1 Million by Republicans in eight years,  1.4 Million by Democrats in 11 months!
If Republican politicians had their way,  they'd be shoveling even more money into the pockets of the extremely wealthy.   That money would not get spent.  It'd be stashed in a bank or sunk into an investment.  Our world is already awash in liquidity and capital Senator.  We don't need any more damn capital sloshing around in the system.  We need demand.  We need to put money into the hands of people who will spend that money on products.  It is DEMAND that will create jobs,  not SAVINGS and INVESTMENTS.  Payroll tax cuts go to people who need the money,  and therefore will spend it quickly,  increasing DEMAND,  creating jobs.  Get a clue you worthless idiot.

North Carolina deserves better than an idiot serving us in the United States Senate.   Get off your tail Senator,  and get these tax cuts extended.  Pay for them by taxing the very wealthy.   Get it done Senator,  so our nation can continue to create jobs for those in dire need.

North Carolina deserves better than our idiot Senator,  Richard Burr.

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